‘Cops pepper spray double amputee’ and leave him crawling on the ground

amputee protester
A double amputee was seen writhing in pain after he was allegedly pepper-sprayed by police in Columbus, Ohio. (Picture: Twitter)


Cops allegedly pepper-sprayed a double amputee and took his prosthetic legs at a protest against racism and police brutality.

Witnesses told TMZ the young protester was unarmed and nonviolent when he was pepper-sprayed by police in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday. The officers then took disconnected the protester’s legs, leaving him crawling on the ground, witnesses said.

The protester reportedly crawled to get medical help while other demonstrators rushed the police to get his legs back. It appears as though they were successful because the man’s prosthetic legs can bee seen in the video. In a clip of the incident, the man can be heard howling in pain on the ground while other protesters demanded officers to hand over his legs and screamed ‘medic.’

‘Today in Columbus my husband was downtown at the protests & saw the cops hit & mace an unarmed kid then STEAL HIS PROSTHETIC LEGS,’ tweeted Lauren McCubbin, a Columbus College or Art & Design.

The incident occurred after Columbus Mayor Andre Ginther and the city council recently banned the use of pepper spray against non-violent protesters.

Ginther said police could deal with violent protesters, but ‘those on the other side who are truly peaceful, who are truly non-violent, who are truly non-aggressive need to have the space they deserve to have the space to exercise their First Amendment rights, and we should embrace that.’

However, despite the mayor’s statement, police were still seen using bicycles to clear protesters holding mirrors up to them on Sunday. Officers were also filmed as they appeared to fire pepper spray into the crowd indiscriminately during the encounter with protesters.

But Ginther justified the officers actions by saying police tried to clear the streets for over an hour, but ‘they were met with violence from some and took action, including using mace and pepper spray as an appropriate to keep crowds in sidewalks.’

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