Man, 84, spends eight years and £38,000 trying to evict his daughter

Peter Grundy, 84, and his daughter Katrina, 49, who has been locked in a bitter eight year legal dispute to get her evicted from their home in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Peter Grundy says his legal fight has ‘taken the bit of youth I had left in me’ (Picture: A Current Affair)


An 84-year-old retiree has been locked in an expensive legal battle lasting the best part of a decade to get his daughter out of his flat.

Peter Grundy says he says he ‘cannot believe’ that 49-year-old Katrina is still living at his place rent-free. He has spent eight years and AU$70,000 (£38,000) trying to evict her but she still refuses to budge.

The dad from Melbourne, Victoria, says he’s tried as many legal options as he can to no avail. Since death of his wife Margaret he wants to sell his home in order to pay for a place in a retirement village in the small town of Denilliquin, New South Wales.

But he says he is unable to do so because Katrina put a caveat on the property without him knowing. He told Australia’s 9News: ‘Very clever and very clever in legal terms – and solicitors and the barrister said – she is someone I’ve never met the like of – she has an enormous capability to come up with things we never hear of.

Man spends eight years and ?38K trying to evict his own daughter
Katrina insists she has been paying rent but was unable to provide evidence (Picture: A Current Affair)


Man spends eight years and ?38K trying to evict his own daughter
Peter says he needs to sell his home to pay for a place at a retirement home (Picture: A Current Affair)


‘I’ve got to pay up front in a retirement village more than I’d get for this house. I’m not entitled to a pension. I just can’t believe this is happening. I’m sure it has taken the bit of youth I had left in me.’

Peter believes he has lost out on AU$200,000 (£110,624) in rent over the years. His daughter disputes this but was unable to give A Current Affair evidence.

When confronted by a reporter she told them to leave and insisted she had the right to be there.

Katrina claims she was gifted the home eight years ago but this was thrown out by a judge. Despite this Peter says he’s exhausted every legal option available to him in the state of Victoria.

Property lawyer Justin Lawrence added: ‘Yet she remains, and it seems every day she remains it’s another day of injustice for him.’

Police have taken out an Apprehended Violence Order against Katrina to prevent her father being abused.

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