Toddler died of huge heroin overdose after mother ‘gave him “medicine” to treat flu’

Mugshot of Rosemary Freeney
Rosemary Freeney has been charged with the manslaughter of her two year-old son after he died of a massive heroin overdose (Picture: Escambia County Jail)


A two year-old boy died of a huge heroin overdose after his mother claimed she’d given him medicine to treat the flu. Devin Blount died at his home in Pensacola, Florida, in April, with his mom Rosemary Freeney arrested and charged with Devin’s manslaughter earlier this week.

Freeney told investigators that she’d given Devin Tylenol and elderberry-flavored cough syrup the night before his death in a bid to calm his fever, only to find her son unresponsive the next morning.

Crime scene investigators found a bag containing 42 grams of heroin next to some weighing scales in Freeney’s home. An autopsy later ruled that Devin had died of ‘acute heroin toxicity,’ although it is unclear whether he accidentally took the substance himself, or was given it by his mom.

Freeney claimed a man called Chuck had been staying with her the night Devin died, and speculated whether the illegal drug could have belonged to him.

Mugshot of Treridion Blount
Devin’s dad Treridion Blount, pictured, has also been charged with the toddler’s manslaughter (Picture: Escambia County Jail)


Devin’s father Trerideon Blount, who also lived in the property where the toddler died, was initially charged with drug offenses, but is now also facing an aggravated manslaughter charge. Both are being held in Escambia County Jail ahead of their next court hearing, WKRG reported.

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